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Pilot Program

Acknowledging the monumental scope and challenge of a statewide integration project, the Coordinating Council decided to begin with a single county.

  • By concentrating on a smaller sub-project that can be accomplished in a shorter time frame, a successful implementation is much more likely.

  • An early success can create synergy and support for the broader statewide integration.

  • A project model can be created for other counties to follow.

  • Once success can be demonstrated, it is believed that many counties will want to implement integration projects, and that funding will be made available by the appropriate legislative bodies.

Project Participants

Faulkner County will be the pilot county. This is a medium sized county in the center of the state, near Little Rock, and is part of the Twentieth Judicial District of Arkansas. All county level criminal justice administrators there have enthusiastically agreed to be the pilot county.

Pilot Project Goals

  • Implement electronic data sharing among the participating agencies.
  • When possible, build on existing case management systems. Install new case management systems in offices that have none or need newer systems.
  • Develop and apply data standards to all agencies.
  • Share communication technology and infrastructure among the county offices.
  • Create a model and plan for other counties follow.

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