Arkansas Integrated Justice Information Systems Project
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Arkansas IJIS Mission Statement

Create and maintain integrated criminal justice information processing with accurate, complete and timely data on individuals and events, to promote and support the effective administration of justice in a timely and cost-effective manner at all levels of government
in Arkansas.

Arkansas IJIS Objectives

  • Capture data at the source event, reducing or eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Build on existing criminal justice information systems.
  • Promote consistent standards in criminal justice information systems.
  • Integrate criminal justice data at all levels and branches of government.
  • Enhance inter-agency access to adult and juvenile justice data.
  • Encourage the sharing of communication technology and infrastructure.
  • Provide guidance on the planning and administration of criminal justice information systems. Enable more useful management information statistics.
  • Establish priorities and architectures that will accommodate future integrated justice information systems.
  • Optimize the funding of criminal justice information systems.

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