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Several years ago, representatives from a number of Arkansas's state criminal justice agencies envisioned a statewide, seamlessly interfaced criminal justice information system. They wanted a system where the local law enforcement agencies, prosecuting and defense attorneys' offices, municipal and state courts, the various correction facilities, and other affiliated state agencies would be connected to each other for information sharing.

In Arkansas, there are a variety of computer systems at the city, county and state levels that have been implemented by individual criminal justice agencies. Unfortunately, there is not an automated structure in place that allows information in these computers to be electronically shared among all those criminal justice agencies. When a defendant proceeds through the criminal justice system, information on that individual is re-entered over and over into multiple databases. Not only is there a great waste of time in making these duplicate entries, but it leads to errors and delays.

In an IJIS, data is captured at the point of origin and electronically passed on to the next agency that requires the information. This achieves the most important aspect of an IJIS: data is instantly available to everyone else who needs it.

The stakeholders were brought together to examine the problems and needs of the existing justice information systems. That effort led to a more formalized study that was supported by Governor Mike Huckabee and Supreme Court Chief Justice Dub Arnold. The Arkansas Legislature's Act 848 of 1999 and Act 1272 of 2001 established the Integrated Justice Information System Coordinating Council as well as a Local Government Advisory Group. When the legislation expired in 2003, the Council was re-established by the Governor's Executive Order 03-04.

IJIS Coordinating Council  
Jim Clark, vice chair
State Crime Laboratory
Administrative Office of the Courts Arkansas Crime Information Center
Arkansas State Police Arkansas Highway Police
Sentencing Commission Department of Information Systems
Office of the Prosecutor Coordinator Public Defender Commission
DFA Office of Child Support Enforcement DHS Division of Youth Services
Criminal Justice Institute  


Local Government Advisory Group  (appointments in progress )

John Stewart, chair
Deputy Director
Administrative Office of the Courts

Prosecuting Attorney

Circuit Clerk

Circuit/Chancery Judge

Public Defender

Chief of Police

County Judge

County Sheriff

Circuit Judge

City Board of Directors

IJIS Technical Committee

Jack Marks

Administrative Office of the Courts


Arkansas Crime Information Center

Paul Brown

Department of Community Correction

Roger Patton

Department of Correction

Sanford Cothren

Department of Information Services

Bill Steele

DHS Division of Youth Services

Jeff March

Office of the Prosecutor Coordinator

Andy Gentry

Public Defender Commission

Terry Williams

State Crime Laboratory

Allen Fitzgerald

Arkansas State Police

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